Whether your surface is newly constructed or an abandoned structure in need of rehabilitation, DKsk will prepare all surfaces prior to the final application of paint to ensure a quality finish. Preparation includes patching, dry walling, sanding, waterproofing, trenching, texturizing, acoustic ceiling scraping, etc. Prior to the start of the project, paint specifications, color imaging of the job site, and a detailed written proposal is generated, and all residents are notifiedof the job start dates. During the painting process, site preparation and application of materials are completed by trained and experienced professionals, while daily progress and quality inspections are performed. Upon completion of the job, notifications are communicated to the appropriate parties, and a final inspection is conducted on site with a job supervisor.

We gladly service the following industries:


Single family dwellings
Condominium Complex
Apartment Communities


Retail Warehouse


High pressure water washing is completed to remove dirt, dust, efflorescence, contaminants and loose paint from surfaces. Mildew is neutralized with a combination of outside bleach, TSP and detergents to leave an uncontaminated, clean surface for painting. We allow all surfaces to dry before any paint application. Large cracks must be V-grooved out and all other surface defects will be repaired using appropriate patching materials to match the surrounding surface profile. Surfaces will be dusted and primed prior to finish coat application.


Removal of all dirt, chalk and surface contaminants that will interfere with adhesion of subsequent coats, without damaging the substrates or adjacent area. Wash and treat mildew if necessary. Wire brush all loose and peeling paint and dust surfaces. Scrapers, sanders or grinders will also be used if necessary to create a featheredge. All of the above preparation procedures will be followed by a spot prime or a complete primer coat application if needed.


Wire brush, hand sand or power sand all surfaces to create a featheredge finish. Clean surfaces from dirt, contaminants, oxidation or rust. Prime all bare metal areas with the appropriate preventive primers immediately upon completion of surface painting preparation.

At DKSK Maintenance our reputation is based on Certainty your certainty of a job well done at the lowest price possible. We focus on every detail of every project interior and exterior and we focus on you, our client. All work is guaranteed and, as always, estimates are free.

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